Fill other's Offer-to-Buy

Fill offers from someone who is buying token allocation

The easiest way to sell Runes token allocations is to fill an offer-to-buy listed by another user. Find an offer with a price that you want to sell and deposit your collaterals in Solana-based assets.

Your deposited collaterals will be sent to and stored in an escrow secured by an immutable smart contract. Once you have SETTLE the order (meaning the transfer of Rune tokens to the buyer is completed), you will receive the buyer's funding + your deposited collaterals (in Solana-based assets).

It is important to link your wallet(s) before filling in an Offer-to-Sell.

๐Ÿ”—pageLink your Wallets

How to find other's Offer-to-Buy

Step 1: On the Runes-Market dashboard, pick your desired listings.

Step 2: Choose the Offer-to-Sell that you want to fill.

There are 2 types of offers for you to choose from:

  • PARTIAL FILL: Multiple users can contribute to fulfill the offer.

  • SINGLE FILL: The entire offer must be filled by 1 user

Step 3: Deposit your collaterals to finalize your order. Then you're good to go!

FYI: You can easily track your trading history through the My Orders section

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