Fill other's Offer-to-Buy

Fill offers from someone who is buying Points.

The easiest way to sell points is to find an offer-to-buy listed by another user.

Find an offer with a suitable price and deposit collateral as a guarantee that you will deliver your equivalent tokens received from the protocol points to the buyers.

Your deposited collateral will be secured in a smart contract, and you can only reclaim it once you SETTLE your order, which means after the tokens converted from your points are successfully delivered to the buyers.

Please note, after you filled the offer, you can't do anything until TGE. Check more at Settlement Rules

  1. Type of offer

PARTIAL FILL: Multiple users can contribute to fulfill the offer.

SINGLE FILL: Entire offer must be filled by 1 user

  1. Percent has been filled by others.

  2. Total points and the price offer creator is buying.

  3. Total amount that offer creator is paying for the points.

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