Create an Offer-to-buy

Create your own offer with your custom token price.

1. Create an offer

If you're seeking a different amount than what's offered, feel free to create your buy offer. This function allows you to set your terms regarding price and quantity, giving you more control over the transaction.

2. Close your offer (optional)

Additionally, Pre-markets' smart contracts enable offer creators to close their offers before they are fully filled, allowing them to reclaim any remaining unfilled deposits.

This means you can close your offer-to-buy at any time, preventing any further fills by sellers, and retrieve your funds deposited for purchasing tokens.

Please note, you can only reclaim the unfilled deposit amount, not the portion allocated for the filled orders from sellers - the amount you were supposed to pay for the seller's filled order.

If nobody fills your offer after TGE, you can go to the dashboard and close your offer.

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