๐Ÿ”—Link your Wallets

Link your wallet to enable cross-chain settlement and earn incentives rewards.

This is a really important action. Please adhere to any instructions given in this section. Linking your wallets across multiple networks plays a crucial role in trading on Whales Market.

Imagine you are purchasing Runstone (on the Bitcoin Network) with SOL (on Solana). The linking of your Solana wallet and Bitcoin wallet will facilitate the settlement.

You will receive Runstone in the exact Bitcoin wallet linked with your Solana address that you are using to fill the offer.

2. For User Incentives & Referral Rewards:

Since Whales Market's Incentives & Referral Rewards are accumulated based on the user's total trading volume across all supported 8+ networks, linking wallets will facilitate accurate calculations of user contributions to the platform.

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