Settle your offer/orders

Settle your order/offer and claim your settlement from buyers or risk losing your collateral.

Ensure you settle orders for buyers to receive settlement funds and reclaim your collateral before the settlement deadline.

Be aware that neglecting or intentionally ignoring to settle buyers' orders will lead to consequences after the deadline.

Once OVERDUE โ€“ meaning the settlement deadline has passed, buyers can cancel their orders and claim compensation from your collateral. This means you risk losing your funds if you fail to settle in time.

To settle multiple orders, please follow the instructions.

Step 1: Connect the wallet you created offers or filled orders (please make sure your wallet has token before settling).

Step 2: Go to your dashboard, then select the orders you want to settle.

Step 3: Double-check the total DYM and click the settle button to confirm. You also need to confirm the Smart Contract request on your connected wallet.

Please wait for the system to verify your settlements. After completion, the status will be changed to settled.

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