๐Ÿ“”Listings Regulation

Concise Procedure for Points-Market Listings

Before the Listing Time

  • Whales Market is the permissionless listings platform. We don't need any permission from any external entities to influence a decision for listings.

  • We will announce each listing publicly via our Official Links.

During the Listing Time

  • We only provide and manage the collaterals platform. We do not have any rights to manipulate any of the listings on our site. Price movements are purely based on the trading activities of the users.

  • If you encounter difficulties creating buy or sell orders, kindly refer to the latest official announcement on our social media channels Official Links

During the Settlement Time

  • The conversion rate for each settlement phase in the points market has already been determined based on community sentiment, projects offering rewarding points, and the current market conditions. We are committed to finding the most beneficial rate for both buyers and sellers participating in specific listings.

  • We will kick-start the settlement time once the tokens are officially listed on any of the CEXs/DEXs. We will use the time of the first exchange announcement listing those tokens as the start of our settlement phase.

  • For most listings, users will have 24 hours to settle their orders. We will only extend the settlement time in case of unforeseen or unresolved technical issues, such as network congestion, minor delays, or postponed listing times on exchanges.

  • We will automatically unlist any listing that fails to reach a trading volume of $50,000 within 24 hours before the settlement time. All deposited capital will be returned to the participants.

We strongly recommend that you regularly check your order status on our platform to stay informed about the latest updates regarding listings. We cannot be held responsible for any capital losses incurred due to user negligence.

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