๐Ÿค‘Incentive Progam

Our sincere gratitude to loyalty users

You will receive up to 25% of your contribute fee as the rebate, paid in xWHALES

How to be eligible for the Incentive Program?

Any user who has executed trading activities on Whales Market is eligible for the Incentive Program.

The distribution period

Incentive rewards are distributed based on trading volume during the 30 days preceding the last epoch. An epoch is a fixed period that captures a snapshot of user activity.

The distribution of referral and incentive rewards will take place simultaneously


Rewards for the Incentive Program will be distributed in xWHALES, which is the derivative token for the revenue-sharing mechanism on the Whales Market.

How to check your Incentive rewards ?

You can check your status and access information for calculating your Incentive Rewards on Whales Market, including Total Trading Volume and Total Contribution Fee.

Following the calculation, the number of distributed xWHALES will be displayed on the xWHALES Incentives Distribution Dashboard. Additionally, your distribution history will be reported during each distribution period and presented as a list for your convenience in tracking.

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